Dynasol S.A.

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    Dynasol S.A.

    Titán, 15 9ª planta


    +1 281 397-4117

    Dynasol manufactures a variety of styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) block copolymers which flow easily at processing temperatures and perform like reinforced elastic rubbers under normal application conditions. This line of elastomers can be used in applications such as asphalt and polymer modification, adhesive formulation, compounding, footwear and industrial articles. Our wide range of linear and radial elastomers can be combined with a variety of molecular weights, creating an extensive selection of polymers. Therefore, these copolymers provide our clients with a great advantage [BMM1] for they do not require vulcanization to form the three-dimensional network that guarantees the reinforced properties typical of any chemically cross-linked rubber.



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